You are Inimitable

March 9, 2014

Health Achieve Day 2At the 2013 Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) Health Achieve conference, Sir Ken Robinson led one of the feature sessions with a talk on Leading a Culture of Innovation.

The crux of his argument focused on fostering creativity and innovation in the workplace as a way to navigate through the many complexities that we all face.

It was a great talk.

But, what has stuck with me was the nature of the commentary that he used to preface his talk.  He described that each and everyone one of us has a unique biography.  No one has ever lived your life.  You are unique.  You have created a life out of your own distinct experiences.  He continued on to describe that to be born is itself a miracle, and then he proceeded to challenge the audience:  So, what are you going to do with this extraordinary opportunity that you have been afforded?  How will you write your own narrative?

It is an interesting notion, as I had always considered that my life has unfolded just like many others before me.  But, Sir Ken Robinson presented a very thought-provoking idea.

Even if two people were born on the same day into the same family and offered the exact same opportunities early on in their lives, it wouldn’t presuppose that their lived experiences would be identical.  What individually drives them, their opinions, and their resulting decisions would surely vary, thus shaping each and every one of their experiences.

So, does this notion change your perspective about your own life?  Do you have any desire to live your life differently, knowing that only you alone will have a chance to experience it?

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