The Power of Networks

July 21, 2015

Interesting tie-in to Darlene Helmer’s piece on Develop Powerful Purposeful Networks:

Catherine Statton

My first experience in forming an alliance had to do with choosing the players that would comprise my dodge ball team during phys. ed. class in elementary school.  Our teacher decided to be cutesy and have my twin brother and I each serve as Captains of the duelling dodge ball teams.  Stuart chose the strongest, most agile and athletic players.  I gave a chance to those who would have normally been chosen last: the underdogs, the bookish, the reticent and the socially awkward kids.

So, it should be no surprise then that my team was annihilated in record time.  The teacher, surely confused by the speed at which the dodge ball game finished, called a re-match…

It was a hard lesson for me to learn about choosing who to associate with.

Your relationships can be a source of emotional support, advice, information, and tangible resources.  The coalitions that you forge…

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